OTP for before running the transaction

OTP before running the transaction for example Mobile number OTP or Googe authenticator code i would like to add this feature to MetaMask to prevent sweeperbots or hackers to easily clean every users they hack funds, It would be great if your add this features because this is my 6th times creating a MetaMask and again all my funds is got hacked…

to prevent sweeper bot transac automatic, we need to verify it before it can withdraw or deposit so that the owner allowed the transaction and see the details if they have unauthorized wallet…

Both but i recommend mobile


hi @CryptoLod ,welcome to MetaMask community.
you can read this post


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i see thank you for the info now that i know i really need to investigate more before opening sites, thank you again good sir/maam.

@CryptoLod ,

Here is a list of articles that are really helpful to understand staying safe in web3.

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These responses to 2 factor authentication reveiw and discuss 2FA for logging in which fine this doesnt work of course not. But atleast providing the option to ensble 2FA in the security settings for verifying and comfirming transactions such as buying and withdrawing could and should work. In this case if someone happens to get you phrase or keys and attempted to withdraw or move your funds they would be blocked by some form of account owner verification even if it was just a 4-8 digit pin, a sent email/ text message or all 3 doesnt have to be an authentication app… and then as far as a hacking possibly going into setings and disabling 2FA they would first need to perform the F2A… i would like to know why this particular 2FA process wouldnt work or be possible… im almost ready to code it into my walet myself.

Hi. To understand why, please read the following 2 articles.

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Yes yes ive already read all the same stuff provided… my point id that thrre us absolutely nothing stopping the MetaMask team from doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING, it could be as simple ss gaving to enter a 4-8 digit pin to confirm each individual transaction thst in itself would easily stop or at the cery least sliw diwn a havker and it would definitely prevent sweeper bots/scripts… surely somrthing simple xan be done its easily the hottest and most brought up request im sure… at the vrry atleadt at least give users the option in the settings fir something efrn if the team and developers feel like its for nothing itd maje millions of ppl mysrlf included atleast feel better… you could even program it so all you gotta do is a fingrr reader which is already apart of the MetaMask program just as a lock out feature… i know thats whst trustvwallet does and id nevrr been hacked on there

Yes thank you @CryptoLod, as a MetaMask users we need this features to be implemented very quickly. Because the level unauthorized transaction is been operating on the users account is increasing everyday.

Please admin, programmers, and other concerned people, please do something on this very quickly.