Pancakeswap expecting Trxn-confirmation from MM-wallet, but nothing to confirm there

Hi all again :slight_smile: ,
For another next unknown reason my MM-wallet won’t
cooperate with pancakeswap, or vice versa :man_shrugging:.
Want to swap ADA for bsc, but when waiting for confirmation from
within my MM-wallet or other source pancakeswap (PS) stalls i.e. can’t
proceed - I don’t see no Transaction in my MM-wallet to confirm
:thinking: :man_shrugging: .

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Currency Symbol is BNB :point_down:

Change it and try to log out and log in to your wallet :slightly_smiling_face:


Only got this.
Can’t store two networks with the same ID 56 .

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@WiFox do not create another network :globe_with_meridians: just adjust the old settings :memo: rewrite BSC to BNB

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Not possible :thinking: :see_no_evil:.
Won’t work :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :man_shrugging:
Will not allow to save new settings. :tired_face:
Btw., whats up with this ? :man_shrugging:

Why is there ETH swapped for ADA when i never did so ? :thinking:

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Delete BSC network and add it again :point_down: you can also try the page

Not able to delete that or any network. :man_shrugging:

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Switch network to Ethereum Mainnet and :point_down: click to X

delete n

Aha, ok :+1:.
Maybe a dumm question :see_no_evil: ,
but what will happen with my funds when i delete that network
in my MM-wallet ?
Won’t the wallet create a new address on the same network, i.e.
then lose the link to those funds ? :thinking:

@WiFox don’t worry :smiley: when you remove the BSC network :globe_with_meridians: ADA token is still at your address.

Add BSC network + ADA token again.

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Yes, thanks again :slight_smile: .
But i’m actually more concerned about my bsc funds.
Oh well :man_shrugging: :see_no_evil: .
And you can asure me they won’t get lost when i delete the bsc-network
from my MM-wallet ?
crypto funds in MM-wallet .07

Your eth address is important (and your seed phrase) :slightly_smiling_face: you can delete the network and add it again…

Add a network according to this guide:

Currency Symbol is BNB not BSC coin


:pray: :slightly_smiling_face:


What was the reason again why you can’t swap ADA to BNB simply within
the MM-wallet ?

( Btw., a growing off topic desire :
Is there any hidden switch within MM-wallet to turn the wallet to dark mode ?
That would be really easier on the eyes, especially at night.
Most other sites in crypto offer a dark theme to activate. )

@WiFox Dark mode is currently only available on MetaMask Mobile (v4.3.0)
It will be launched on the browser extension soon so stay tuned :fox_face:

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But ADA is on bsc, at least according to the token details.
So why cant ADA and BNB be swapped in MM ?
:thinking: :man_shrugging:

I’ve read so many articles about crypto coins, networks, tokens,
wrapped coins, bridges, etc. ,
and today i’m even more confused than before .

Now please dont take this personally Luigi,
cause you are fantastic and one of few sources of hope in this space for me,
but i am so fed up and confused with crypto by now.

And with my experiences so far, i cant see how it will ever change the
world for a better for the masses and how
most people could ever grasp this messy technology which 9/10 times doesn’t
work like it should.
I’ve already lost some money and missed some life changing investments cause of all the failures and delays i’ve had in crypto.
Srry, i just had to release some frust here, for i’m just not getting anywhere with crypto.


@WiFox hmm :thinking: it should work :smiley: you have already changed the BSC network settings?
You can try another browser + MetaMask wallet :slightly_smiling_face: maybe it will work better.

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