Pasting wrong withdrawl address in Metamask

This is the second time this is happening.
I pasted the following withdraw address in metamask (0xb7b01ad118dec4a66b7748f40f4fee3b104fda40) to send.
As I already lost $3000, i have been more careful, after pasting the address and when I compare the pasted address and the address showing on my withdrawl are different.
As you can see “a” is change to “A” and “e” is changed to “E” and “f” is changed to “F”.
Can you please advise if my wallet is hacked…


No that is ok. Wallet addresses are not case sensitive, so upper case and lower case letter are the same.

I also had this question the first times I made transfers, and looked it up.

As long as numbers and letters are the same (independent of case), you are good.