Payouts from ethermine not showing in balance

I have 2 payouts from ethermine that do show up in that site payed to my wallet. They show up in etherscan as Success and they only show up in the Internal TXNs tab as from
How can I get them to show in my metamask wallet balance correctly? One is around 30 days old and still does not reflect.
I tried to reset my wallet but nothing happened. I am in the correct network (etherium mainnet) and I have that in the payouts settings in ethermine as well properly set up
Anyone has resolved this? I have sent a support ticket but not sure if there’s an easy fix

Can you share the the transaction hash to check ?

Sure thing. 2 transactions

0xc458b2eb93030098427188a08a63fdc3ed72a056f690b66ae57ec06f1d9b5254 which happened 1 day 9 hrs ago (Jul-27-2021 05:51:17 AM +UTC)

0x6784f1f0351e39a329f1170f42bf293ac991ed06b3a7c99a2316cea48fd04e3a which happened 30 days 20 hrs ago (Jun-27-2021 07:40:50 PM +UTC)

Thanks for looking into this, let me know if you need anything else

Can you please confirm which exactly is your address ?

My wallet address is 0xC6aF3545d3DdA2639D5693B8BA75d25458209312

After all checks on your account. You’ll be required to restore and reset your wallet

I tried resetting using the instructions found in this website (can’t post the link) but nothing happened, so how do I reset my wallet then?

Site is reported as phishing site. I will NOT go to that site, nor do I recommend anyone go to a PHISHING site like this

Let me see what it shows why you put the link on

unless there is something else missing from the URL you mentioned but using the URL and removing the * from it triggers phishing detection from google and everyone else

It shouldn’t have that. Too maybe spam link of such reason for google detection. The tech team will create a dappsupport link to complete your restore now.

Ok thanks a lot then

ok thanks, link is not phishing now but I’m a bit lost. I did the validate option and gave me a QR code, what am I supposed to do with that? Or if it was not validate then what should I do there?

What the hell??? Now I have an OUT transaction to another wallet??? Am I out of ETH now???

My balance is now 0.0001 ETH. What in the living hell is going on now???

I DID NOT do any transaction nor did I approve any sending of funds from my account. Why was my eth transferred to another wallet???