Pegged BTC on BNB Smart Chain identified as unverified token


Hello I am quite new to this forum, and I have read many posts without finding any experience like mine. I have received in my Coinbase Wallet a pegged BTC on BNB Smart Chain, which is not identified as regular BTBC.

Reading in many forum I found a way to import BTC token using ContractID address I see in BSC Scan, using MetaMask wallet on BNB Smart Chain, action which let me import that token into wallet, but without affecting the account balance: it remains to 0 USD.

All this has been done with MS Edge MetaMask extension, since in MetaMask dashboard ( MetaMask Portfolio - Dashboard, I only see this asset among Transactions - Show Unverified.

Despite all that, I have tried to use the Swap functionality to convert this pegged unverified BTC token into other asset in the same BNB Smart Chain…of course without any luck, even with maximum slippage to 5%.

Any suggestion about way forward? I am ready to provide additional info, if needed.

Kind regards,
Pierluigi Salera

It will probably be a scam :grinning: nobody will give you 0.92 BTC for free.

Just check the contract address of the token.


Thanks Luigi for your reply, I didn’t get 0.92 BTC for free but as profits of a long term crypto investment.

Yes, it could be that because of that this could be a scam, but if you don’t mind I would shoot another question: I have checked the Contract Address of the token:


Contract creation about 75 days ago, in the list of transactions there is the day of creation.

What kind of investigation could be done knowing the Contract Address?


Hi Pierluigi @pierluigisalera hmm :thinking: I don’t like it very much. Holders this token: only 48 addresses
Can you write me the address of the website where you invested.
Instead of . give * links are forbidden here :smile: for the safety of users…


Hello @Luigi,
honestly didn’t get your comment of . and *, so since you wrote links are forbidden, I write web address in text…you know what to do, for sure:

https:*//*www * 89fxhash * co

According to scam-detector, which I have used “after” I have started, the reputation is low, and today after I have tried to access after several weeks, it looks unreachable…indeed another bad sign.

However, @luigi, I understood your comment about the poor number of token owners, but is there a way to recover this considerable amount? You might surely guess is that I’m only trying to recover what I have loss :frowning:

Kind Regards,

That page is a SCAM :sneezing_face: classic HYIP site

It’s hard to get the stolen money back. Admin of such a site knows what he is doing and uses fake data, IP…

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@Luigi again thanks for supporting this post :+1:

Regarding the “invested” amount, I already know it would never see that back…

What is still unclear to me is the “unverified token” BTC on BTC Smart Chain, if they have some value and it is worth the effort to swap towards any other crypto in the same blockchain.

It would be possible to find some quotation for exchanging these BTCs sent by 89fxhash? or are those BTC itself a scam crypto that would be impossible to swap?

This is the basic question of my original post.

Again thank you very much for your help

This BTC token has no value… it is not traded anywhere :neutral_face: you can create such a token in 5 minutes.

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Just for my understanding, and then we can close this topic: how such BTC tokens can be created in 5 minutes?

Do you guess what they said when I have (naively) asked what to do with such BTC tokens, time ago? They provided an USDT wallet address where to send 1100 USDT to pay the BNB miners and thus “unlock” these big amount of BTC tokens.

I have of course didn’t do that, since I understood already time ago that it were all fake.

I can’t complain to anyone else but myself, if they succeeded to get my money, if I believed to their bu*#%&its, it’s only my fault.

After many attempts with MetaMask, following the advice from forum in Binance, I ended up in this community to try to understand and get a final answer, to put a full stop to all this mess.

Thanks for your support and have a nice day, @Luigi

Pierluigi Salera

You can create a token with the help of a website:

Or you can find some instructions on YouTube: How to create my BEP20 token :slightly_smiling_face: easy.

Yeah :pensive: classic SCAM… send us more money and we won’t send you anything.

Have a nice day @pierluigisalera you have to be a little more careful :pinching_hand: always check the page with google. When you can’t find any good reviews :raised_back_of_hand::raised_hand: hands off such a site.