Transferred btc from Binance (BEP20) to metamask. My btcb is missing. I already added Custom token but it still shows 0

contract address is 0x68D260329427c40aFd53a4077b6A21eB0bdA711f
I can literally see my token sitting there. How can i get it to my wallet?

Hi @pjkkMM hmm contract address :roll_eyes: :point_down: this is your MetaMask address?

Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain:

Try opening this page:

and click :point_right: Add Token to Web3 Wallet

omg thank you so much. i just saw it.

Same Problem I sent BTC to Metamask how can I convert it to BNB?

Btc and bnb are different tokens. You need to go binance and swap your btc for bnb.

@earlnorwin without BNB hardly :upside_down_face: buy BNB on a Binance site.

so i need a binance too, to pay the transaction?

@earlnorwin you need BNB (BEP-20 token) on the MetaMask wallet

Thank you… i will do that… can you give me a tips for me as a first timer. playing My Defi pet