Please add support for animation_url data: URIs in metadata

My NFT contract’s tokenURI() generates base64-encoded data: URIs for the image and animation_url, as well as for the metadata itself. So everything is on chain. All is working well on Polygon Mumbai on OpenSea.

My image URIs in tokenURI() metadata are not rendered in the iOS app, and there is no way to view the animation_uri, which I understand is not implemented except for certain media URL types.

My image URIs ARE rendered in the Firefox plugin, but not the animation_uri’s.

I have an innovative generative art NFT that produces extremely tight dynamic HTML/vanilla javascript, and base64 encodes it in the animation_url. It works on OpenSea. Would be fantastic to have it working in MetaMask!


Please see my GitHub issue for more info: github com/MetaMask/MetaMask-mobile/issues/6200