Please help ERC(20) vs AVAX networks

Had an earlier response and I thank you for the response…
I sent USDT from METAMASK to Coinbase and it never arrived…
COINBASE said this:
Coinbase only supports USDT sends/receives through the Ethereum network, and the transaction in question was sent through the AVAX C-Chain network, which is an unsupported network for USDT transactions in our platform. AND:
The reason as to why you were able to send and receive AVAX through the AVAX C-Chain Network is because we only support AVAX transactions made through the aforementioned network. We strictly use the Ethereum network for USDT transactions.

If you haven’t done so already, you may want to contact the developers of the network you used to initially send the funds. They may be able to help you recover the funds.

so…can METAMASK reverse my transaction…as it went NOWHERE or to NO wallet…

HELP…OR is my money gone?

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Hello @drcub1908 , do you have the transaction hash or id , to end able the community administrator assist you with their help.

Please provide your wallet address. Remember not to disclose the private key. I’ll check it for you

Blockchain transactions cannot be reversed.

Essentially, you sent them to an address that very likely no one has access too. They are most likely lost. I’m really sorry that happened.


yes…but how would that help ?

You can continue to communicate with coinbase by e-mail, because your coin has entered the coinbase account and can only be returned to you through them. As far as I know, in this case, the exchange may return your coin to you, but you need to actively communicate and apply with them. In the future, please remember to check the chain and address before transfer.

no that is not accurate…thank you for the response

To expand on @Tksly’s comment: in some cases they are able to return lost funds.
In this case Coinbase would need to setup an AVAX C chain, and support USDT on it.
As they only only support USDT on Eth Mainnet, they probabaly dont plan on offering it on another chain. So my bet is that it’s gone.

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