Portfolio dapp source code

Is the MetaMask Portfolio dapp open source? Where is the source code? (I wasn’t able to find it with the other code on GitHub.)

(This is not a question that is answered in the annoucement of the dapp, or the Knowledge Base, but probably should be.)


Hello @rptb1 !

MetaMask is an open-source wallet, active development happens on github. It is available as a browser extension and mobile app. But Portfolio MetaMask is not open source.


Thank you for the information.

Given that even the MetaMask web site has a GitHub repository, it seems that the Portfolio is exceptional. Perhaps this should be flagged up much more clearly.

@rptb1 Do you want to implement some things from Porfolio in your Dapp, or are you interested in the application architecture?


There are several reasons I wanted the source code.

As noted in Discover and display Aave debt tokens - #3 by rptb1 the Portfolio dapp doesn’t allow me to add an Aave debt token. In the Knowledge Base I found text saying that the Portfolio dapp has its own internal list of allowed tokens. Since the dapp is closed source, this list is effectively secret. I was interested in modifying the dapp to show Aave debt correctly and possibly submitting this back to the source.

(And of course all the usual reasons I want anything handling my money to be open source: auditing, public scrutiny, etc. etc.)

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@rptb1 ,

Submit a ticket through the contact button on the dapp. Please include these details you’ve shared, including the AAVE debt token not being able to be added, as well as the request for open source as well as anything else you want to include. This will be helpful for the team to discuss.


@KBeeTheCapybara Hello again! I’ll just refer you to Discover and display Aave debt tokens - #8 by KBeeTheCapybara :wink:


@rptb1 ,

Thanks for the reminder!


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