Problem send tokens to crypto account

I was sending the Harmony (ONE) to crypto account, the transaction hash show complete, however crypto account did not receive them. talked with customer service at crypto and they said i was using wrong block chain ( transaction was using Binance block chain) , they said I had to use ONE block chain to send and if I want to get the token back, i have to pay $100 fee. My question is any chance I can get back my tokens? below is my

Txhash: 0x2711ba78cc7e6a772147912ce65a5b978d9e1f72ceb35a90ab63a11066e246b6

I’d super appreciate any assistance.

Many thanks

Hello, the destination address must be consistent with the sender’s chain. Sending to other chains will lead to the loss of funds. You can try to communicate with the other party to see if the other party is willing to help you deal with the return.

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