Problem with unlocking selling functionallity | Polygon & MATIC

Hi Everybody,
hope someone can help me with that:
I’m trying to unlock selling functionallity in OpenSea and i get this message while trying to send the transaction:

If i’ll continue, it will be canceled after a few hours. it’s like that over a month.

  • Tried to clear cache - nothing.
  • I do have MATIC & Connected to the Polygon network.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @ZeppelinS22 and tried to adjust the gas? :point_down:

nope. how can i do that?
can’t really understand that from the github post…

thank you!

now, when i’m trying to accept the transaction, it says error:
צילום מסך 2022-04-18 ב-18.59.35

Do you have Advanced gas controls turned on?

Hello, please click Edit in the place marked with red, and then improve your gas to make the transaction successful. Believe me, I also deal with it in this way.


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