QR code not working to import a wallet to Metamask

I’ve got this dilemma that’s causing me to go nuts already - I’ve been trying to import my existing MEW main wallet account to Metamask by using its QR code, but Metamask is failing to read it, other times downright refusing to read it and other times sending a pop up window stating “oops something went wrong etc. try again”. No matter how I try, it doesn’t work!? I don’t have a private key for that particular wallet to use to import it, but I did download a so called Json file for it from the “export” button - though not sure if I’d need to convert it somehow as it doens’t seem as anything to be called a “Json file” even though it says it - because when adding that to Metamask “import account” section, it doesn’t accept it. What am I doing wrong here? I need that account on my Metamask, as that’s the wallet account I used to claim my Spark token back in the day, where I’ve also got my Songbird waiting to be claimed (time running out, I know!) so PLEEEEASE help me wo sort this out, MAYDAY!


You know to use that json file on MEW page? You must know the password for this json file.


Is that the same as the password for the MEW wallet itself? What about the QR code? It does not recognize it, though it’s directly scanned from the wallet itself? Why?

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Or can I transfer the tokens I’ve already received for that wallet through flare network to some other wallets of mine that are on Metamask?

Guess what!! I’ve managed to resolve this issue by myself, wohoo! I found instructions on how to go about it to find the lost Json file AND the private key:

  1. connecting first to MEW CX browser extension and there select the account I needed to have that lost info for by clicking the 3 dots by it

  2. there select “View” option, and then write the password for that account when the window for it pops up

  3. the entire info shows up right after that - Json file and Private key etc, and I just copied the key to my Metamask “import account” option, and tadaa! ALL resolved!

I’m sure you knew about this already, but since there might some as uninformed here as I was, I wanted to share. SO HAPPY, YAY!


Glad you solved it, and thanks for sharing the steps!


Mate how did you do this! PLEASE HELP ME IM IN SAME BOAD

Mate DM me on Instagram or Facebook please I really need your help. If I retrieve it I promise to sort you out when my staking ends £££