Import account with JSON file error

I have my JSON file for an account from an uninstalled wallet I’m trying to import to my newly installed trezor connected mm wallet but I get an error, not a v3 wallet. Any suggestions much appreciated, thanks.

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Hi Bosco, it’s a fresh install of mm so it’s the latest version 10.9.0

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Hey @Taki, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

What kind of wallet address is this that you are trying to import? Do you also have the private key for this address, or only the JSON file?

Here is some more information on our Knowledge Base that may also help you:

Hi nw, thanks for your help. I connected from my trezor to metamask but the account 2 (with all my coins) inside the account 1 that I connected does not show. Account 2 was an imported account but I don’t have the private keys for it just the JSON file. When I try to import the file I get that v3 error.

Do you know which wallet the address you are trying to import is from?

Yes, it was from the mm wallet I uninstalled as the last step to connect my trezor to that account 1. I thought all accounts under that wallet would be transferred over to the new install after I connected the trezor to it but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case after spending the night gong through support articles…

Is there a way to recover this account?

Was the wallet you’re unable to import created with MyEtherWallet? Their V2 JSON files have some trouble importing into other wallets. If that’s the case, this article might help.

That should restore them to a wallet you can access, would just need to transfer them to the address linked to your Trezor.

Hi Hiro, no I don’t think it was with mew but I’ll try that and see how we go. Alternatively how about getting the private key by using public address and password with Keytherium or Node.js or similar? Have you had any success with that method? I could use a step through of that technique if you have any info?



Not certain, as I haven’t been through that particular pain myself. I stamp my keys into stainless steel washers for physical backup.

Was the JSON created by MetaMask?

I have my seed phrase, password and the json file from metamask but just can’t load that file to import the account as I get the v3 error, hopefully I can do it through mew or by extracting the private key.

Digging through internal documents and external references, I haven’t been able to find cases of the “not a V3 wallet error” with a MetaMask created JSON. So I’m not quite certain what to suggest next.

I’m still looking, and talking to others across the team for ideas. Will keep this post updated with everything that comes down to me.

Hi Hiro, thanks for that. It seems that the json file I have is only state logs json file and not the utc file. I’m going to have to try extracting the private key with the public address and password. Can anyone help with a step through to do that with Keytherium or from the node where the account was made?

What browser and device was your old uninstalled MM wallet on? It may be possible that you can also access the Secret Recovery Phrase with the Vault Decryptor.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

Not familiar enough with the technique to give anything but bad advice, but I personally love stack exchange for those types of reads. I’d bet someone else has run into a similar situation and has a far better grasp of next steps.

Sorry I don’t have a better suggestion. Hope you get it back quickly, and smoothly.

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Hi, the vault decryptor will only show the main account info and not the old imported account info…

There should be a pop up warning when uninstalling a mm wallet that any imported accounts will not accessible after reinstalling a new wallet. I had no idea that imported accounts in that wallet required there own seed phrase or private key to access them again in a new install. It would have saved me a ton of stress and time.

Im not certain how the uninstall process works at the app/browser extension level, so im not sure how possible that is. But I love the idea of at least a warning screen that reminds you to back up each of the Secret Recovery Phrases in your wallet.

I will bring it up in the next developers meeting.

Hey Taki, have you already found a solution in regard of the Error: not a V3 wallet…?
I have the same problem like you ,can’t import my account via JSON File :confused:
Best regards

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