Importing 2nd Eth Wallet using JSON file fails

My harddrive crashed on my PC, and I’m trying to reload my MetaMask account on another machine.

I had 2 Eth address wallets in this MetaMask wallet.

The first one had nothing on it originally, but the 2nd one had all my coins and NFTs.
I used the seedphrase ok to restore the 1st (empty) Eth wallet, as I had the seedphrase (of course) to that one - thinking I was all good for both.

In this case, it wasnt. I didnt know I had to use ANOTHER seed phrase for the 2nd Eth wallet (which I dont have).

I have a somewhat recent saved JSON log file (from January) for this 2nd wallet (I’m pretty sure) that I’m trying to import to my new MM wallet on the newer PC.

When I try to import using the JSON file, I get an error: “Not a v3 wallet”.

Is there any way to still use the log file to somehow retrieve this 2nd wallet?

Desperate for help,


Hey @L9k1n, it seems like the second wallet address you are trying to access is an additional account created within the same MetaMask wallet with the same Secret Recovery Phrase.

All you have to do is click Create account :slight_smile:

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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