Question about Strongblock

Hi. I made a huge mistake that I don’t really know how to move past. I opened a metamask wallet and deposited Ethereum, then converted it to Strong. Then I went over to the strongblock website and clicked on walletconnect option. I was using safari at the time and didn’t realize I should not have. Anyway, after clicking on walletconnect it created an address for me to send the strong money too. In the metamask wallet it says Transferred money to Yourself. So I thought that meant it was all linked up.

So I sent the money and now see the strong money in this new address on the strong block site. But for some reason I am unable to use it. I know I did this wrong and probably lost my money. But was wondering if there was any possibility of rectifying this. I reached out to strongblock and they are not any help.

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Kindly share your MetaMask address to check. It could be in your MetaMask

Hey @kwpcreative, sorry to hear this has happened.

All transactions on the blockchain are irreversible, so these tokens cannot be retrieved.

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