Rearrange Accounts & Tokens List with Drag and Drop

Hello, thank you for your concern, because it is very rigorous in the development of metamask. After the user’s suggestions get enough votes and prove that there are actual use requirements, the developers will adopt and implement it. At the same time, we also notice that other users have put forward this requirement, so let’s work together to realize it. :innocent:


Thanks. Good to hear, finally. (:


YES must have! This would make life easier.

Please vote for this!

It’s 2022 and it still hasn’t been implemented :frowning: !

It’s such a little thing, but this one account of mine just constantly causes more scrolling every time I try to reach the wallets underneath it. It happens enough daily that it’s becoming a bit of a concern, thank you!


Wow, a year passed till this request posted, and I really believe this should’ve been a must but still no action. Come on Meta guys, let’s have this. Cheers.

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We can add the filter to filter the assets according to the user’s need, so that he can sort out the assets as per his need i.e. (Recently Added, Custom Tokens, Alphabetically order, etc).
Or we can also add the functionality to drag the list of assets so that the user can easily change the sequence as per his desire.


We will provide updates on this as soon as we can!


Should also include accounts please, that’s kind of a bit more important then the tokens. (: Cheers!

Glad to hear this, finally! :two_hearts: Thank you.

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There should be alphabetical & amount/value sorts (in both amount/digits of cryptocurrency and value/equivalent in local/national or other chosen) both in ascending & descending order, and manual sort… also for web browser plugin.


Yes please, I’m surprised this hasn’t been implemented yet.

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I can’t wait for this feature to be implemented. I have like 10+ accounts in my MetaMask and every time its a struggle to find the right one as they are in a random order.

Please just add a simple drag and drop reorder!!

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I still need this desperately! 50+ wallets, and its impossible to manage them all without some kind of sorting.

Please implement this, it would save so much time and frustration! :slight_smile:

Needs to happen. This gets quite annoying not being able to switch the order.

It would also be awesome to be able to rearrange the network list via drag and drop!

It would be a great features

Still nothing on this? This seems like it would be so simple to implement and everybody has been asking for it. What’s the hold up?


Just thinking out loud - possibility someone drags and drops in the “wrong” order and then “can’t find” their tokens/coins in the list somehow… I’ve seen some crazy things people “can’t” do or find when using software… :rofl:

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Would really love to have this implemented/done, too. Having certain networks at the bottom is annoying (yes, 1st world problem of course :rofl: ) but would be really good to have the option to rearrange the list of networks and tokens/coins :+1: