Rearrange Accounts & Tokens List with Drag and Drop

It would also be awesome to be able to rearrange the network list via drag and drop!

It would be a great features

Still nothing on this? This seems like it would be so simple to implement and everybody has been asking for it. What’s the hold up?


Just thinking out loud - possibility someone drags and drops in the “wrong” order and then “can’t find” their tokens/coins in the list somehow… I’ve seen some crazy things people “can’t” do or find when using software… :rofl:

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Would really love to have this implemented/done, too. Having certain networks at the bottom is annoying (yes, 1st world problem of course :rofl: ) but would be really good to have the option to rearrange the list of networks and tokens/coins :+1:

Do we have any tangible updates about this request?
It’s been more than 1.5 years now since it was first requested…

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Hi @eNFThusiast ,

Nothing yet, when there is a major update we will post on here.

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I hope that the sub-wallet in the wallet can realize the sorting function, I think it is much more convenient for my operation habits,

Lmao, its been almost 3 years and I’m here making an almost similar request.

Wow, can’t believe this is not implemented I just assumed I was missing how to do it. Many folks with more than a few wallets these days, ordering them is fundamental to using MM so that users can be efficient at finding the wallet(s) they use the most.

It would be super cool if I could rearrange my token/asset list order. I often have tokens that are staked or projects that I’m no longer interested in taking up prime eye level real estate. I find myself scrolling to the bottom of my list and even hiding then reading custom tokens just so they display in an order that makes sense to me. It would be awesome if we could drag and drop the order of our token list or shuffle them in order of highest balances. Thanx.

Please, for the love of god, give us sort functionality. Preferably “sort by name”, “sort by balance”, and manual sort.


Yes please, really need this functionnality!


Be careful about this new nakedwini.e ! He is a scam !


If we could sort or rearrange wallets that would be great too!


Those are great requests. I’ll bring those to the team and check if we can address them in the near future.


This feature is highly desired! Please action this, you’ll make a lot of people happy! :slight_smile:


Yes, we need it! It will help! One of the things that we really need!


If so, I think it’s good to save people clicking the drop down banner to find their own token, and I also want to try to put the mainstream stablecoins first, which are the most used tokens


really hope this gets implemented

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