Rearrange Accounts & Tokens List with Drag and Drop

Has this feature been added yet? This would be amazing.

It has not, @gamerdad :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed: :fox_face:

Sorting of networks as well… I recently added a few new networks now I gotta scroll everytime I want to use anything other than ETH. Soon gonna have to delete and re-add the networks I use alot just to have them at the top.

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Can we re-arrange token list but ALSO network list please!!

You can vote for the feature request here:

wen wen? will it be implemented? i’m sure it’s not something complicated to implement!

i really want the ability to rearrange accounts and hide accounts i don’t use anymore:)

hi can we know why it isn’t implemented yet? since a majority of your product users are requesting it? doesn’t make sense to ignore your users like this, I’m frustrated every time I have to scroll through 20 accounts just to find the one i use:) also i want to delete some accounts i don’t use but i can’t:(

please submit it your devs to implement it asap it doesn’t require so much code and time to implement i!

We are definitely not ignoring users. There are a lot of moving parts in the background and teams working very hard on every piece of MetaMask. We will post all updates here.


Similar to another feature I proposed not so far, it would be nice to put the list of accounts in the order that the user wants. I’ve been struggling with this for ages :slight_smile:

Hey @retroboy, thanks for the suggestion!

A manual sorting feature has also been requested before here:

Feel free to give it a vote and keep up with it there! :slight_smile:


thank you for the information :slight_smile:


@retroboy, thank you too

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@retroboy u a right) it’s very stressful at times

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Hundreds of people voted for it and yet still not implemented? i think MetaMask devs own us an explanation…

This one is nice as well.

i understand, but it isn’t a feature that should be delayed for 3years, come on, this should be among top priority features, a good 21yo developer can implement it:3

Thank you for your hard work and having time to answer!

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We’re going into 2024 and still this feature has not been implemented.