Receive missing tokens when swapping

address : 0x38014ab7bcf8df201d23dcf239d6b363c170e9f0
i swapped 10,000,000 VNDC token ( 440$ )
to ChinaZilla token but got only 3,177,049,529,865,028,192 ( 27$ )
which is 16 times smaller than what I spent!
Hope the team can help me soon to get back the corresponding ChinaZilla token that I received is ~48,000,000,000,000,000,000
Looking forward to the support from the team! Thank you

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Hey @minhshark, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

First and foremost, please make sure you are interacting with a legitimate token.

In regards to receiving fewer tokens, this is likely due to slippage and/or price impact. It may be that ChinaZilla token had very low liquidity on the dapp that you used to swap with, which caused a significant change in the price.

Here is more information on this article:

Agree ChinaZilla token may be subject to price impact and slippage but you can see more clearly on the Bscsan picture I took!
I got the missing swap right in step 4 !
10,000,000 VNDC ( ~ 440$ )
But I only got back 0.048777 BNB ( ~ 27.72$ )
So it cannot be said that BNB is subject to price impact and slippage as well as low liquidity!

At the same time
I changed to another wallet with an amount of 1,000,000 VNDC (~ 43.4$) = 1/10 ( 440$ )
and I got 3,970,000,000,000,000,000,000 (~ $41.6) > ($27.72)
An ok swap for the same time
Please check for me! Because that’s all my savings!

Following the tx “0xbae8a395f1e1c72da039f9228404d19dc734a791bbc7d5cc07ceaf38b095491b”
we get to here “0x44c61b5c33a8eaf4f0b71619ece83ba0499b7a7e7d92eeb3939269b4d3bb07a3”
The latter tx hash shows the missing ~360usd going to address “0xc4ecF7db66E0DceB84Fa81Ce745C5263406Ca472”

That address has over 160000 small incoming transactions (idk why or what is it)
It has withdrawn regularly to wallet “0x0dBc15a24c885B576ACaDE7c87732053eCFc488d”
This seems to be a frontrunning bot.

Taking all this into account im suspecting you got either frontrun seriously hard or your wallet is compromised. There could be extractable value when using metamask swap with low liquidity tokens, because the routing is much more complex than normal swaps. It could be point of interest for metamask swap developers to investigate.


So now what should I do to get my lost money back?
please help me ! That’s all my family’s savings!

If it was indeed a frontrunning bot, or something similiar regarding the metamask swap situation, theres most likely no way to get the money back. The wallet owner is the only one that can send the money back at this point. You could read more about front running or (MEV) miner extractable value by googling it and learning how to avoid it. Of course assuming this was such incident.

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I simply did the swap on the metamask and there was an error on pancakeswap
Because I trust metamask’s swap service, I use ! Metamask already
link and do this swap on pancakeswap ! But I can’t do it directly on pancakeswap?
This is not my fault, but I am the one to bear the consequences!

i am very disappointed in metamask support!
I emailed two days ago asking for support from the team but have not received any response! Really depressed and disappointed

I opened a ticket 9 days ago, I still haven’t received any response…