Received a scam email about an issue I've been having shortly after contacting MetaMask Support

I’ve been having issues with my MetaMask app (iOS) after reinstalling it - There’s no transaction history and my balance shows up as 0 ETH despite it being displayed correctly on my tablet’s app and PC’s browser extension.

I used the live chat feature yesterday to find a fix for this issue but none of their solutions worked so they forwarded my case to their technical team and told me that I would be contacted by them soon via email. Before the chat ended, I received this email confirming that my support request had been created.

A few hours later, I received another email titled “Fix Balance Bug - MetaMask Technical Team” from a different email address. They were posing as a MM technical team agent, claimed they found a fix to my issue and wanted me to fill out this Google Docs form which asked for my email address, MM public address as well as my recovery seed phrase so they could proceed with the fix.

Am I right to think that this is really strange? I used a brand new email when signing up to the MetaMask Support site yesterday. How did they know my new email address? How did they know about the issue I was having? This has never happened to me before so I’m a little concerned.


Hello @Cherub, welcome to MetaMask community!

I saw your post on Reddit too and that you’ve been answered there as well. In addition to what you’ve been answered on Reddit, i would say that there’s also the possibility of your PC being compromised and in order to eliminate any other posibility, i would advise you to do a sweep of your pc and check for any malware or anything suspicious. Could even go as far as reinstalling the operating system.

But to investigate further first, on what device did you create the email and from what devices did you access that newly created email? It is odd indeed for such a thing to occur.


Hi @Chinzilla , thank you for your reply and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

The general consensus on Reddit was that someone on the team who has access to their Zendesk system is forwarding case details to phishers. Admittedly this was my first thought too, although it would be quite unfortunate if it turned out to be true. I decided to post here as I was curious to know if anyone else has experienced something similar after contacting MetaMask Support.

To answer your question, I created the email on my PC and haven’t signed into it using any other device. I had a few people suggest that my PC is compromised so I did several scans with Microsoft Defender, BitDefender and Malwarebytes. All of the scans came up clean. I also combed through all of my files and running programmes and I didn’t notice anything strange. I personally do not think it’s my PC - I’m not one to visit sketchy websites or download random software.

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