Recover seed from .ldb file 😟

I have the .ldb file and I’ve read a few other posts relating to seed recovery. My file contains the word “data” many times, but usually followed by some json type structure with AppStateController and browserEnvironment fields. I’ve not idea what I’m looking for. Any chance of parsing my private key or seed from this file? :confused: Tyvm in advance, Becky x :worried:

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Hello @secretsauce !
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Try following the advice in these threads:


Hi @secretsauce What is your file number? (research hehe) :smile: 000005.ldb or a bigger number?
What is your browser? Google Chrome or Brave…?

If you have multiple .ldb files there, check them all :slightly_smiling_face:
You can also search for words like: Keyr, Keyring or salt


Hi @Luigi .
The file number is 000005.ldb.
Browser: Chrome on a Mac

Keywords not present in the file (including upper-/lowercase permutations): “vault”, “keyr”, “keyring”.

The word “data” features dozens of times, but I can’t see it relating to seed.

Is the seed stored in this file, just in an obfuscated way?

Weird :thinking: and you don’t have any other .ldb files there. Or some .log file?


Yes! I’ve discovered actually I have:

  • 000005.ldb
  • 001381.ldb
  • 001384.ldb
  • 001383.log
  • MANIFEST-000001
  • LOG.old
  • LOCK
  • LOG

Might this be enough to recover my seed or private key? :nerd_face:

Note: the following strings are not found in any of the files:

  • “data”
  • “d a t a”
  • “vault”
  • “v a u l t”
  • “salt”
  • “s a l t”
  • “ey”
  • “e y”
  • “Ke”
  • “K e”
  • “ecre”
  • “e c r e”

OH :face_with_diagonal_mouth: that’s bad if you don’t see any of these words :roll_eyes: there.
Right file should also contain your eth address 0x… maybe your file got deleted or is corrupted.


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