Recovery phrases / multiple accounts

**Description:Being able to request one of your multiple wallets address under one main wallet have its own Recovery Phrase.

**Purpose:So you can get that exact wallet when rcovering your wallet. A lot of sites Dont use the private key. So if I need only that exact wallet I can’t.

**Extension/Mobile/Both: Both

My own understanding:
If a recovery phrase generates multiple wallets, the recovery phrase for all wallets is the same, which is the underlying technical principle and cannot be changed.
You can check the introduction of this article

It is true that some wallet dapps only support recovery phrases, but this is not reasonable for users. They should support private keys in subsequent version upgrades. :joy:


Agreed, that’s why I said to have the option to request a recovery phrase for a multi wallet account. Shoot, when I first started and had no idea what I was doing, my first MetaMask account has 10 accounts on it. And money everywhere. One account in particular I want more than the rest.