Multiple Wallets OR Multiple Profiles

Hi all! First, a little shout out. I love MetaMask! Great project! Thanks for all of your efforts in continuing to make this the go to wallet of choice!

I’m surprised I’m not seeing more mention of this. Perhaps I’m just missing a better way of managing this, and if that’s the case please educate me!

As a holder of multiple unique wallets (each with their own secret recovery phrase), it would be so helpful if we could have multiple wallets (not just different accounts), or, if any easier, multiple profiles (a la Google Chrome).

In Chrome on desktop I can have different profiles in my browser, and each profile can have it’s own MetaMask wallet. However, when I use MetaMask on my phone (iOS) I can (to my knowledge) only access one wallet with MetaMask.

If it were possible to support multiple unique wallets or multiple profiles (each with their own wallet) I think this would be tremendously helpful for the pro users among your community.

Please let me know if any of my request isn’t clear or could use further details & I’ll happily provide.


What you are talking about is the ability to create multiple wallet addresses, each with an independent mnemonic, this is my understanding, I don’t know why so many independent addresses are needed, and it will also bring mnemonic confusion or mnemonic Word loss probability will increase, I don’t think it’s a good idea

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Your understanding is correct. Some people (myself included) have to manage multiple wallets (my personal wallet, business wallet, etc). I share access to the business wallet with my business partner, but I have my personal wallet that I share with no one. I would very much appreciate being able to use both of these sperate wallets in MetaMask rather than having to use a different wallet app (Coinbase wallet, in my case) for my 2nd wallet address.

Multiple wallet addresses can be added to metamask mobile phones. Of course, you may have some unique ideas, but every decision made by metamask is based on security considerations. If you manage both corporate and personal wallets in the same wallet, there is a risk. As an individual, you can configure it through the browser if necessary. Thank you for your suggestion :grinning:

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