Can I create multiple wallets

Can I create multiple metamask wallets in a single browser ?
I know I can create separate accounts - is each a separate wallet?
Can I then give that second wallet to someone else to use and have no connection to my metamask use in browser?

hehe yes :smile: but better is :point_right: install another browser (Brave, Firefox, Chrome) and create next Metamask wallet… and not lose Metamask seed :warning:

But I could use more walets than I have browsers!
There are folks who only want a wallet as a way to buy some low costs NFTs to support an artist.
I could create a wallet for them and xfer in $10 xDai and sell them that prepared wallet …
can I do this for a bunch of people…

matthewra this is not secure solution :smile: people must create metamask wallet…

Yes I understand their risk and can explain that - some people do not want to create themselves - they want to pay for it to be done and buy a small wallet for low use and be given the seed words…
Can I do it? Is there a way - do I create wallet - delete and reinstall browser … and repeat?

Must search :grin: secure Ethereum paper wallet generator


Thank you for following up!

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I need to generate 100 wallets and put 10 xDAi in each
The people who will get them can create a new wallet if they plan to use it more extensively and do not want to risk me having their keys…
… So question remains - How can I generate 100 metaMask wallets for loading with 10 xDai and distribution