Regarding the new version of the native currency interface display, it's important!

Hello, the left is the old version and the right is the new version. The new version cannot display ETH. Very inconvenient. How can I display it the same as the old version? Thanks。
I want to display it like before because I’m used to it,

This is true for all networks. Can’t display native currency because as a long time user of MetaMask. I’ve been used to the old version’s display interface for 2-3 years. It’s hard to get used to the new version that doesn’t show the native currency like this. Hopefully the team will display it inside the latest version like the old version. thks.

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我刚升级感受了下,确实不太方便。 :smile:

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@lingyi01 我刚才也不显示余额。过了一个小时可以了。 你等会再看看。

另外,我想了下上面那个问题,不显示gas token也有道理,因为下面的token列表第一个就是它,显示的话就重复了。 你可能暂时还不习惯,不过过几天应该就能适应了,我现在支持这样的设计。

不过如果显示金额,它应该显示列表的总额,而不是仅仅是gas token的金额。


我还是等他最新版本看看修改没有 :rofl:其他地方都挺好。

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PLEASE revert this

why would you do this

at least make it optional


This is a pure loss of functionality issue. The transactions are paid for in a currency that is no longer made clear. Fiat is meaningless for these transactions, and showing an aggregate of a wallet full of misc. tokens is simply unhelpful.

This is the equivalent of summing your mortgage and credit card balance along with pocket change and store coupons. Just why?

Waiting for the next update to show net worth as a Robux balance. Rabby and Frame will eat your lunch.

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Please change this back so that we can see how much ETH we have.

Transactions are paid for in ETH, so I need to know how much ETH I have, not how much $,£ etc.

This is one of the most ridiculous updates I have ever seen, and I will be switching to a different wallet provider if it isn’t changed back quickly.


You can change what the primary currency is displayed,

  1. Go Settings → General → Choose ETH as primary currency

But please keep in mind that there is a bug with this at the moment where it still shows USD value, it will be fixed soon

Is it? That’s great! Will it be fixed in the new version?

It will be soon, we’ll keep you updated!

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Your team is very efficient, fantastic to have the familiar interface back. Happy to use MetaMask again. thks.

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