Remove liquidity with permit keeps pending

Please help… I try to withdraw from a pool at Dfyn, but Metamask keeps pending on message: Remove liquidity with permit.

What can i do?

thanks a lot in advance.

Macbook Pro
Ios 10.15.7

My public adress: 0xA2EBDA0f24b6df9a33bA7159A6c6BF713FEe6EBa
txhash : cannot reach it… is blocked… stays ‘grey’

thanks! sure… i am here

i am sorry… i do not understand this… can you explain more?
what do i exactly need to do?

can you explain why that is? what is going to happen with that 0.04 eth?

ok… and could you tell me why it is 0.04 eth?

so i can send this right away from metamask to this adres?

thank you very much for your help!

one question left… could you tell me what the purpose is to deposit 0.004 eth in order to withdraw from te pool… what does it has to do with each other?

and from where can i withdraw the 0.04 eth after that? do i see this in Dfyn?

thanks again! for your help

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