Metamask keeps pending and queues transactions

Good day!

Could you please help? I try to harvest my rewards on a farm, but Metamask keeps pending and queues the transactions.

It is on all networks.

public adres: 0xA2EBDA0f24b6df9a33bA7159A6c6BF713FEe6EBa

Thanks in advance



i restored and cancelled the queued transaction… how long does the cancellation take about?

I see… when i cancel the queued transaction… below starts a new queued transaction

yes I got a message with the message that restoring was successful.

I tried energyweb and okexchain. Those works now…so thats nice. But at Polygon I still have problems. I tried to harvest an reward from a pool. Now Metamask keeps saying that its pending… and i stays in this message.

Hola tengo un problema con mi metamask envie eth desde binance a red eth de metmask por rc20 y el saldo lo veo en mi actividad pero no cae a mis activos… dice recibir y busque en eth scan y la operacion dice exitosa llevo 48 horas desde q la realice