Transaction pending for 48 hrs and new transactions are in que

Schermafbeelding 2021-05-12 om 18.16.24

One of my transactions have been pending for 48 hours rn, I can’t cancel it or anything. My new transactions are queued and I really need to make some transactions quick. Anyone please help its driving me crazy!!

Just tried speed up btw but doesn’t seem to have any effect besides me losing some ether

All of my assets are as of just now set to 0 too, anyone know how to help

I can’t help out, but I have exactly the same issue.

Made a transaction this morning (0xb9407892240588a3dd9f12a53ef57d89cb12190b297195a6a25af0d9d4df32b7) which shows as successful on Etherscan, but Metamask just showing ‘1 pending’.

If I cancel that transaction, does my ETH return safely?