I want to cancel the transaction

I have 1 pending transaction
I want to cancel this transaction but can’t
I tried Reset Account but this transaction is still Pending state and I can’t make other transactions from Metamask wallet
After I reset my account all transaction history has been deleted, I cannot speedup or cancel transactions
Please help me, please!

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hi, i just had the same problem. i found a fix. it should be stickied here somewhere. look up “how to cancel a pending ethereum transaction with metamask” on duckduckgo or metamask faq / helpcenter… follow that guide and you should be gold.

they tell you how to edit the nonce when sending a custom transaction set up to reverse the pending one keeping you stuck. it works for binance smart chain - i just did it.

if you cant see the nonce on the pending txn because you cleared your metamask account activity like i did, just paste your main account address into bscscan and view the most recent transaction. this txn nonce will be the one just before the pending txn nonce… unless the pending txn can be seen in your bscscan main account page; i couldnt see mine, so i had to guess. i had to add one to the most recent txn’s nonce…top get the pending txn nonce. my most recent nonce was 1613, so that meant the pending txn was 1614

then, set the gas to something higher than the pending txn’s so the blockchain takes priority on this new transaction. i set mine to 5.11 as the last one was 5. you could try 10 if that didnt work.

shortly after submitting this new transaction (to my own address) i found the pending transaction gone. and i can now transact normally in binance smart chain again… and the transaction i sent to reverse it disappeared too,.

i only chose to send a very small amount of bnb, i used 0.0001 … you dont need to use much but there has to be something

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Thanks man! I had the same problem but this worked!

Hi send shib from mats MetaMask to shib swap and transaction dropped what can I do

Does this work too from Ronin to metamask wallet?

repax, if this works for me I will recommend you for an award; a large crypto reward for your thoughtful consideration to others. Thank you.

Thanks to you i also fixed this. But i add something for my case.
In BSCscan the gas fee was 175,155 which is less than minimum gasfee (21000)
Just write the gas fee without comma (175155) then it worked.