Pending Txn Stuck on BSC / Binance

Hi i have been waiting hours for a transaction that is pending to fail or cancel. it was a swap made on binance smart chain on using their dex aggregator swap app.

the gas limit was set too high and it was a bug , but i didnt see that at first and i approved it. it was 57,000,000. and gas price was set to 5. it has been pending since. the transaction is unable to be cancelled. when i tried to cancel , the cancel button said: not enough gas - when i hovered over it. the cancel button itself was grayed out and couldnt be clicked.

i tried to go into metamask settings and reset my account, on recommendation of metamask FAQ, it erased my activity, but on the blockchain the txn is still pending as shown on

and now i can no longer see the txn in my metamask. i have to go on chain to see it. i have contacted to see if they have advice.

i am unable to use the wallet for any other transactions currently.

how long will it take for the txn to finally fail?
what can i do to remedy this?

it had a gas fee of .285 bnb which was the bug, and my account had more than this amount in it, so in theory it should have went through, though that would be 100.00 usd worth of bnb or more.

i cant take a screenshot anymore of what the transaction looked like inside the wallet because i cleeared it with reset account option; attempting to fix . hence; i can no longer see the txn in my metamask history because it was cleared.

autofarm responded already and doesnt seem to understand what my problem is. is that the txn swap in their dex agg. contract has bugged out and is hanging.

what can i do on my end?

As far as reversing / cancelling a transactiopn manually using Metamaskl; i already tried sending a txn with same nonce to my own address to cancel, with slightly higher gas of 5.5 gas price versus 5.0 original; and same gas limit of 57 million. or is this to be sent to the same address as the pending txn? despite being quite vague; instructions on doing this seem geared towards ethereum chain / smart contracts… binance being a fork i would think perhaps it would be the same / similar process.

Update. I just went ahead and tried again to reverse the txn using the nonce method in metamask as instructed for a method to cancel ethereum pending transactions. I followed a guide called “How to push through a stuck transaction” i found on duckduckgo

i had to remember the nonce by heart as my metamask activity had been cleared, remember. i also had to remember the gas limit by heart. because on the explorer the txn wouldnt show the fee, limit, or price , or any metrics at all. not even nonce.

So i remembered; i paid .285 bnb in outrageous gas. so i follow the guide and go in to replicate this fee by finally finding out the gas limit was 57 million (57000000) and of course current BSC stock gas price of 5…

and i went into my main account’s page on bscscan , by pasting my public receiving address in bscscan search bar. here i could see all recent transactions. i read the nonce on the most recent one, so thats how i knew what the nonce was on the pending one, i just added +1 to the last nonce, last nonce was 1613, so the pending one i cant see is 1614.

because again; my pending txn was not visible in bscscan at all , nor metamask anymore. i just had the txn ID copied into a new tab thankfully before i cleared metamask account history

lastly, i created a new transaction according to the guide i linked above. i set send address to my own account. i set gas limit back to 57000000, i designated a very small amount of bnb to send, 0.0001 bnb…and then i set gas to 5.11…guide says you have to set gas higher than last gas price for blockchain to recognize priority of the transaction

why 5.11? because i tried all this once at 5.1…and no dice. so i tried again at 5.11

within a minute the pending transaction page i had up went blank and said. the txn id / hash no longer exists (which is very suspicious if you ask me) and cannot be found on my main account page at bscscan either

so; the metamask method to using nonce and higher gas to reverse a transaction works for binance smart chain , not just ethereum blockchain. thankfully. man am i grateful . i hope this helps someone.

Having the same issue, how do you select the nonce? I can’t see it on Meta?!