Transactions Stuck using BSC

I’ve made a transaction unwrapping WBNB to BNB, then it got stuck. Now the TxnCode doesnt show on BSCScan, and i cant get any transaction in! Cant cancel or speed the transaction neither. Can someone help me please, i need to finish my transactions, very important!

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i have the same issue … and still searching for a solution

Not even changing the nonce of the transaction solved. Just changed the gas of the transaction but still stuck

same issue, most of the transactions are failed and fee also deducted

Same issue here. It stucks on “approving”. No tx hash.

I removed chrome extention and had new one and transactions don’t show so I can’t edit gwei gas or anything, can’t make new transactions until pending ones pass, is there a discord for metamask where we can talk or write to an expert from metamask?

Same issue i tried doing the transaction again with higher gas it still won’t work, can we manually stop this?

Аналогичная проблема, транзакция в кошельке висит уже более 6 часов… Tx не появился

unfortunately, same here for me. tried cancelling, adding more gas, etc… and now even the transaction in BSCscan does not show up anymore

I did it again and added more gas at least the transaction is showing something on bcc scan but still says pending, ill keep you updated

Hi guys, here i have the same problem 20 transactions failed, and i have to pay the txs. =/ =/ =/

Same problem and when - all transaction failed and when I push the swap button on some BSCM token is showing me an error ''you are allowed to swap only on Ethereum Main Network".

Hi guys i had to open a second account because Meta mask won’t let me reply to too many messages…Anyhow I fixed it this way!!! I was using BSC network on Metamask. You don’t have to but i did this anyway, I saved my seed, password and private key. Then I went to settings → advanced → reset account → and then all my transactions went away. Next time I make a transaction make sure we use FAST on ETH or increase GAS on the BSC chain just while everything is all clogged up. Let me know how you go :slight_smile: If it worked could you guys +1 my rep on the original account Slime

You could do the same thing with the ETH network, just remember to save your seed, password and private key just in case

Thanks, did you use same BSC network recommended from Binance academy ? New RPC URL: Or which one did you use?

Or did you use the same one you had before?

The BSC chain on meta

I got it fixed guys. I went doing the customize nonce option, sent some bnb to my own account, with a high gas fee, but instead of using the nonce that was stucked, i’ve set
to the one before. Ex: The nonce 100 was stuck, i created a new transaction to myself with a high gas fee with the nonce 99. And the transaction that was stuck, in my case unwrapping bnb to bnb, actually went through, and i got my bnb. Glad if it helps