Transactions all pending, cannot cancel, don't show in BSCscan

i have 5 transactions pending since last night, it has been about 6 hours.
i have tried to cancel, add more gas, to no avail.
now when i go back to check the transactions in BSCscan, they do not even show anymore.
and my funds are stucked, and i cannot do any transactions.
please help.

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Sweet i fixed it this way, I was using BSC network on Metamask. You don’t have to but i did this anyway, i saved my seed, password and private key. Then i went to settings β†’ advanced β†’ reset account β†’ and then all my transactions went away. Next time you make a transaction make sure you use FAST on ETH or increase GAS on the BSC chain just while everything is all clogged up. Let me know how you go :slight_smile:

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awesome! it worked! thanks alot!

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where private key is

Account details-> export private key

Hello .
I’m experiencing same issue:
Pancake swap 3 transaction not shown in bscscan and not completed.
As requested for the token swap, o set a different slippage but nothing happened
Tried already to reset account but not successful.
I tried three times but same issue
It happened both on pancake and 1 inch

i have the same issue. when they will fix the problem ?