Pending transaction stuck forever

Hello, I have a problem with a transaction of swapping ICE for BNB.

I did it using PancakeSwap and it approved pretty quickly but is stuck at the “swapping” stage for about 5 hours now. I have tried doing it multiple times and I also have other pending transactions in queue but they’re all stuck because of this one.

The problem is that when I click on “View on BSCscan”, I do NOT see ANY transaction there (it says page doesn’t exist or something).

I also have about 0.007 BNB left in my account which should be enough to cover the cost of cancellation but not with a high gas speed.

Reading the help docs, i found out that I should reset my account but send my state logs to the customer service first. I did that 6 days ago with no response to this day.

Do you know what the issue is and if you can solve it ASAP? Thanks.

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I have also the same issue with BNB in Metamask.
I cannot do transactions since it will end up being pending or on que…
those pending transactions is also not appearing in bsc scan. The problem is
even if I cancel them with higher gas fees nothing happens, still on que.
Hope Metamask will deal with this issues. We have assets in those address and we cannot do anything to them since we cannot do transacations

I contacted MM support and got no response for 14 days now.

Does their support team work at all?

If any of you guys get this resolved? If so, maybe tell us how it happened so if some people are trying to solve a similar case then they can try what you guys did. :slight_smile: