Pending BNB transaction takes forever

Hello, I have a problem with a transaction of swapping ICE for BNB.

I did it using PancakeSwap and it approved pretty quickly but is stuck at the “swapping” stage for about 5 hours now. I have tried doing it multiple times and I also have other pending transactions in queue but they’re all stuck because of this one.

The problem is that when I click on “View on BSCscan”, I do NOT see ANY transaction there (it says page doesn’t exist or something).

I also have about 0.007 BNB left in my account which should be enough to cover the cost of cancellation but not with a high gas speed.

Reading the help docs, i found out that I should reset my account but send my state logs to the customer service first. I did that 6 days ago with no response to this day.

Do you know what the issue is and if you can solve it ASAP? Thanks.