Hi, i have one problem with MetaMask, i want to buy BONE in uniswap, i try lower gas fee in settings. GTWEI was in 58 and i lower in 1 GTWEI just for a try if working or not.
The transaction will go in waiting for 15 hours, after 15 hours and released “dropped” in etherscan and i want for delete in metamax.
I going in transaction and and it said “Quick o delete” i press in delete and it answer me that I had to increase the gas fee with 10%.
I try to increase and transaction in etherscan and restart 0 up to 16 hours in waiting and afeter released again “dropped”.
If i go in metamax not there are option " delete or Quick" How do I cancel this transaction? Now I find myself with 2 operations waiting… Help me please… I can’t use MetaMask…
The transaction was in “dropped” now is “pending”


Hello and welcome to the MetaMask community,

You needed to set the gas parameters based on the amounts given on Etherscan gastracker. 1 Gwei is too small for a transaction on the Ethereum network to go through!
The following documents can help you to cancel the transaction. Please take a look at them and let us know in case you need further assistance.


i don’t have quick and cancel button

how i can send a photo?

You need to send a new transaction with the same nonce (you can get the nonce from the pending transaction hash). For example, you can send 0 ETH.
Important: You need to pay enough gas for the network to prioritize the new transaction.

For more information, please refer to the link I shared above.

The following link can help you as well.


Do you have 2 pending transactions?

Before issuing another transaction with the same nonce, please clarify this part further. The transaction is failed or pending?

@Rinaldi00 Have you done based on the following link? Please read the documents I shared carefully.


i tryed but he say me that:
We cannot find this transaction on Ethereum mainnet:
Search on Etherscan

Try searching for your transaction ID on [Etherscan]
If you can see this transaction on Etherscan, it may not have enough gas to be processed.

Suggested Help

My transaction is not on Etherscan

If you cannot see this transaction on Etherscan, but you can see it in the Activity tab of your wallet then it is likely that this transaction is stuck in your wallet. You will need to reset your account in order to resolve the stuck transaction.

Suggested Help

send me ur username telegram i send u a screen

If you would like, you can contact the support team at and click the blue Start a conversation button


ty all done, ty soo much

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