Help! Stuck on Approval of Spending Cap

I’ve had a transaction in a pending state overnight for many hours now and I can’t get it to complete or cancel. I was trying to bridge matic from eth to polygon, but it wouldn’t go through (standard gas fees at the time). I tried speeding up multiple times, cancelling, etc but that seemed to create more queued transactions that won’t process either.

Now I’m trying to swap PEPE for ETH and again cannot due to this stuck/pending transaction. I’ve tried restarting the chrome browser, clearing cache … even tried sending small amount with the same nonce from another wallet, but so far no dice.


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Ethereum Gas Fee is high today. The following link can help you to speed up or cancel a transaction.

You can check the current Gas fee on Etherscan. 85 Gwei | Ethereum Gas Tracker | Etherscan


I’ve already tried that.

Have you tried the 2nd method, i.e., sending 0 ETH to yourself using the same nonce of the pending transaction (Cancelling a transaction - Method 2: Custom nonce)?
Again remember that the Ethereum gas fee is high at the moment and you need to pay enough gas fee for the transaction to be executed.
In case you have tried the Method 2 in the article, what are the gas parameters you have used when cancelling the transaction?


I did try sending 0.001 ETH using the same nonce and tried a custom speed up priority of 0.07 GWEI. I was sending that from another MetaMask wallet, but using the same nonce.

When using Method 2 mentioned above, you have to use the same account where you have the pending transaction.
You can send the ETH to another account, but you have to use the one in which you have the pending transaction.
NOTE: In case you have several pending transactions, " you will need to work backwards from the oldest pending transaction in the queue that you want to cancel"


Thanks, i just tried that but it didn’t seem to do anything. Before I submitted it it mentioned there are 6 pending transactions and to pick the oldest one … which I did and then used the “aggressive” gas option and submitted.

You had better use the Advanced option for the gas in such cases, and choose the values based on the highest ones given on Etherscan, gastracker. For example, now the max fee is around 90, priority is around 5 (check the values when you are doing the transaction). Since you have several pending transactions, in case you are not in hurry, I suggest you to do it when the Ethereum gas is less.
Again make sure to start from the oldest pending transaction. For example, when you have pending transactions with nonce 5 and 6, you have to cancel the one with nonce 5 first.

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I have tried the higher gas, it’s not working and now I have 7 pending transactions, which will all cost me gas when all i want is to cancel the original transaction. The original transaction has been pending for 1 day and 1 hour (25 hours) now, so I don’t see how it will possibly finish. Something seems wrong here…

The Ethereum gas fee is high now. You have to pay higher priority fee for your transactions to be executed.
Have you checked the Etherscan at the time you tried to cancel the transaction and you used the highest fees? Have you used the same nonce of the oldest pending transaction? Have you started from the oldest nonce? If you have done all correctly, then your pending transaction has to be cancelled.
Please contact the support team and report the case using the following link.
Click the blue box, “Start a Conversation”