unable to send, deposit or do any transactions on my metamask

hi guys,

I can’t send or make transactions on any website, I try to track the transactions in Etherscan but it is impossible to find them, it shows me the following message “Sorry, We are unable to locate this TxnHash”.

I have tried to use the Matic bridge with ERC20 token but the transaction is pending and is not made or canceled.

I still have pending in the activity an operation called “rescue cat” that takes more than 11 days like this, I have tried to speed up the cancellation but nothing happens, attached image:


Hello @Franko_z
Thank you for your patience.
Can you try canceling or replacing the transaction with a higher gas price?
0.73 Gwei as gas price is quite low compare to the current gas price average. https://ethgasstation.info/ is a good reference to check on gas price.

Hello Isq,
I could but it is the only option that Metamask gives me to speed up the transaction. (Attached image).
Although I am also more interested in canceling it if there is any way

Hi there.
Yes, you’re correct, once you proceed to cancel the transaction, you can speed up the Cancel transaction by increasing the gas as needed) the higher the gas price the more likely the cancel request will go through successfully.

This article could be helpful for you.

Replacing the transaction by using the same nonce and sending 0eth to yourself is also an econonmic way to cancel a transaction as well which you can read more in the above article.

I read the article and I managed to cancel the transactions (I spent good money there) and now I try to send ETH to another Metamask wallet and the transaction does not go through, and I put the fast gas fee. the strangest thing is I try to see the process in Etherscan and the transaction process is not there, I don’t know what to do the truth anymore.

I would recommend opening a support ticket at Submit a request – MetaMask , as we will likely ask for your state log and the transaction hashes.

Ok, I will manage it immediately then because I urgently need to solve this problem.

Please do allow some time for the support team to reply. We are still working through a big queue of tickets.