Request "eth_sign" result promise never end

Hi everybody,
I have to sign a random string with my metamask. So created a js code like that:

await window.ethereum.request({
        method: "eth_sign",
        params: ["my address" "My string"],
        id: "1"
    }).then(result => {
    }).catch(error => {

But i never got a response after i click accept on metamask windows.
The promise is always in “pending” status.

Is it a bug or i’m doing somethings wrong ?

Thanks you !

thanks for posting this @bowgartfield

We’re not quite set up to help with developer questions on these forums yet (coming soon!), but in the meantime, you can pose this question in our developer relations Discord org here: Say Hello to the ConsenSys Discord | ConsenSys

Thanks for reply ! I was on this discord but i didn’t find the right channel to post :confused:

I would try #metamask-general

The Ethereum Stackexchange is also a great developer community

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Perfect i go there, thanks you !