Eth_sign doesn't conform to RPC API


It seems to me that Metamask’s handling of eth_sign is wrong. According to the second argument of eth_sign is N bytes - any message to be signed. However,
ethereum.request({ method: 'eth_sign', params: [address, "hello"] })
throws the following error: “RPC Error: eth_sign requires 32 byte message hash”.

To verify, I even used web3.js’s web3.eth.sign and it threw the same error. Am I doing something wrong? How to remedy this?

Hi @kyepskee ,

does this section of the developer docs ‘signing data’ get you any info that helps?

Yeah, but still, this is a bug. eth_sign’s argument is wrong, it shouldn’t be a hash of a message but the message itself and thus is wrong. I hope you can fix this :slight_smile:

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Can you create an issue for it on GitHub, along with the steps to reproduce and the transaction hash of your successful transaction when this error message comes up? Thanks!

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