Cannot eth_signTypedData with WalletConnect V2 and MetaMask

Could someone point to the problem. I am trying to use MetaMask v7.3.0 via WalletConnect v2 to sign data. Code is simple:

import { EthereumProvider } from “@walletconnect/ethereum-provider”;

if (!provider) {
provider = await EthereumProvider.init({
projectId: WC_PROJECT_ID,
showQrModal: true,
qrModalOptions: { themeMode: “light” },
chains: [chainId],
methods: [“eth_sendTransaction”, “eth_signTypedData”],
events: [“chainChanged”, “accountsChanged”],
metadata: {
name: “XXX”,
description: “XXX”,
url: “xxx”,
icons: [‘xxx.png’],
provider.on(“connect”, () => {
let signer = provider.accounts[0];
let res = await provider.request({
method: “eth_signTypedData”,
params: [signer, data]

This code works with Trust wallet and Rainbow wallet, but with MetaMask it connects a wallet, so I receive address of teh wallet but on the sign request just waits for several minutes and then errors out.

Does anyone sucesesefuuly sign data with walletconnect v2 and MetaMask?

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