Request for Assistance: MetaMask Mobile Environment Values

Hello MetaMask Mobile Developers,

I am currently trying to fork and build the MetaMask mobile, and I’ve reached a point where I need the environment values for MetaMask Mobile to proceed with the development.

If possible, could you kindly provide or guide me on how to obtain the following environment values:



and values of .js.env

I greatly appreciate your assistance in this matter. If there are specific channels, documentation, or guidelines I should follow to obtain these values, please let me know.

Hi @sudip thanks for reaching out, are you using MetaMask mobile sdk Use MetaMask SDK with mobile dapps | MetaMask developer documentation, what repo are you forking from? Thanks

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I’m using code from the latest release 7.10.0, directly to create a build, following the readme instructions from the main branch and not using the sdk.

could you confirm if this is the one: GitHub - MetaMask/metamask-mobile: Mobile web browser providing access to websites that use the Ethereum blockchain ? Ok i see you got them from and

Can you check index.js pls: Fix approval transaction getting mistakenly treated as a swap transac… · MetaMask/metamask-mobile@d513283 · GitHub

Yes, this is the one.

I’m following the readme instructions where its mentioned that

MetaMask Only: Rename the .*.env.example files (remove the .example) in the root of the project and fill in the appropriate values for each key. Get the values from another MetaMask Mobile developer.

please open an issue/question within that repo to check the values, thanks

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