Reset of Secret Recovery Seed Phrase

As we all know there are lots of fake NTF URL’s circulating in the web. To prevent that from happening I suggest that it is better to monthly change the phrase or have a menu to reset the phrase so no one can take advantage of the phase to still.

MFA is better than seed phrase imo


MFA? How does it work?

multi factor authentication. its another layer of security by sending a confirmation code to an email or phone number for confirmation when you log in metamask to a new device or when transferring tokens. i think that will greatly lessen the number of hacks. unfortunately i dont have any idea if metamask will add that kind of security.

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Yeah but sadly they dont have two way authentication. That’s probably a must have security features.

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its really sad. even in this community there are lots of scammers

Just wrote a feature request again on the MFA topic, please check it out! Thread is called;

‘Upgraded security required asap’

Spread the word and get this voted up so it comes to attention of the devs asap

There are recorded hacks with using fake sim cards eg disabling your phone and getting simcard with your number to access your account. This scam has been used to access bank accounts.

yes there are stuff like that. but the wallet hacks in metamask will lessen if mfa is enabled.