Ability to reset settings without touching Metamask wallet address, clean from Sweeper bots and create a new seed phrase





Why can’t we change the secret recovery phrase and why we don’t ask for a password on every withdrawal and investment, we can’t reset or reset MetaMask to its previous settings.
Creating settings to clean my current wallet from scavenging bots and simultaneously changing the seed phrase would be of great help.
This thief could have disabled bots and cleaned them. Actually, these are too many shortcomings and shortcomings. Your entity is in a wallet and you are bound to a single seed phrase. That’s really bad :frowning:

All of your accounts are mathematically derived from your Secret Recovery Phrase. You can think of the SRP like a keyring, and it holds as many private keys as you could want: and each one of those keys controls an account.

Keep in mind, if your account is compromised, someone could change your Secret Recovery Phrase if that was a feature.

You want to start a new wallet if your wallet is compromised. What’s key is education to fight back against scammers.

Check out more here on what is a Secret Recovery Phrase:


Can’t you do it or is it impossible to do? Technology does not accept the impossible. Then you can’t