Retrieve Xshibas sent from metamask to binance and never arrived

I sent Xshibas Token from METAMASK wallet to BINANCE. I never received the token.

I mistakenly sent my tokens without having converted them first, I sent Xshibas instead of Shibas from my Metamask to Binance, it was sent ok, but they never reached my binance, how can I get them back

Is there any way to get it back?

I already asked Binance Support about this, but they say I should contact Metamask Support as they charge me 0.001 BTC

But really, is there any way to get it back from Metamask?

this happened to me 24h ago. what can i do? did you resolve the problem?

need a little help over here.

how can i contact you? we can try to look for help together. Hablo espa;ol tambien. veo que colocaste Spain time. avisame para ayudarnos. escribeme a este correo fyncairaisland @ gmail. com


I’m in the same situation.

Hi there, please may I ask if you managed to resolve this, just did the same ? Thank you.