Revoke authorizations for a smart contract

Hi, if I revoke the authorizations for a contract, do I lose the tokens of that project or do they remain in the wallet? I ask why I’m not sure the contract is malicious, but when in doubt I want to temporarily block it, taking time and seeing what happens. If the project is not a scam I would like to be able to use those tokens again.

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Hello, welcome to metamask community. Your concern is right. You should clean up and authorize your address regularly, or try to change a new address to ensure the security of your account,There are some reliable third-party tools to clean up authorization, such as cointools


Thanks, but if I revoke the permissions, then I can authorize them again, and I don’t lose the tokens?

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The authorization itself will not lose the token. Unless you encounter the malicious authorization of the swindler project, you can send out your token contract address and I’ll take a look for you.


Hi Cryptocrazy -

Here is an article on Knowledge Base if it helps relating to revoking permissions. You can always authorize permissions again and as @Tksly shared you would not lose tokens in your possession just by revoking permissions.


Thank you very much, as soon as I connect to the PC I will send you the address of the token. Although strangely I can’t control it with antiscam.

thanks a lot of information.

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