Search field for networks

On behalf of users and me personally, please make it possible to search for added networks.

I am a regular MetaMask user and I have over 20 networks. This should make it easier to use the extension.
It would be great to see:

Hello @denizinaction !
Welcome to the MetaMask community !

This is a good idea as an experimental feature, because not many people use a lot of networks.


I wanted to suggest a similar feature. I have around 30 networks on my wallet (considering the test networks), and sometimes, it is annoying to look for a network among those!


I like the idea of this, could definitely be helpful :thinking:

Maybe it would be best for as a setting you can toggle on/off, as @snwlprd.eth mentioned it wouldn’t benefit everyone.

Thank you for sharing!


I think gradually by the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, the feature will be helpful for everyone, as large projects would like to have their own side chains. For example, currently, Arbitrum has two networks.