[Security] Support security keys (such as Yubikey) for administering settings/transations

Add Security key (Such as Yubikey) support for things like:

  • Viewing your private key
  • Changing key settings like your password, or address whitelisting (need to add this feature too!)
  • Sending transactions

Using a physical security key will greatly improve security, especially for those who don’t have a hardware wallet yet.
It helps secure your private key settings and allows you to lock address whitelisting settings too.
It reduces risk of being held at gunpoint and forced to transfer your crypto against your will.

i.e. You are unable to make the transfer without your Yubikey which is at home,
Showing a clear screen “Unable to access without Security Key” might help deter assailants)

Like or reply to this thread if you’d like to see this added!

agreed or integration with Google authenticator for those features. I had a metamask wallet compromised (by my own fault) but some 2 factor authentication would have saved me from myself.


I love this idea. Love to see it on metamask


Can we create a bounty to get this feature added?



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Two factor Authentication is not possible with a decentralized app like MetaMask. We do not hold your keys. You do. So there is nothing to authenticate.

Related to Security Key support: What you describe is a hardware wallet. MetaMask integrates with Ledger and Trezor.

See Why doesn't 2FA help MetaMask

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A security key (like Yubikey)
Is NOT the same as a hardware wallet.

They can act in a similar way though.

You can see platforms like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken have support for Security keys to add a strong layer of security.

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This is amount locking down access to sensitive settings in the app, so yes there are things to authenticate.

A ledger hardware wallet can be hacked too via trojan horse. The Trojan horse changes the transaction address between the legder and metamask. Have the extra yubikey step would make this nearly impossible.

Also the ability to using different Yubi keys for sub accounts in the same wallet would avoid the whole wallet being hacked


If Safemoon Wallet can do this, why can’t MetaMask?


i beg u metamask kindly add yubikey feature in mobile and desktop.

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