Send Matic from Metamask Binance Chain to Binance backwards

Hello everyone,

it seemsthat im quite too stupid. I just want to send backwards from my metamask Binance Chain to Binance itself some Matic.

how does it work?


Go to Binance, search for Matic in the spot wallet and push deposit. Chose the Binace Chain (BEP20) and it should give you an address. Copy that address.

Then go to Metamask, to the BSC network, choose your Matic Token, choose send, in the deposit address, copy the Binance address you copied earlier, choose how much you want to send and make the transfer.

There will be a transfer fee in BNB so you have to have some in the wallet.

And that is it. Then wait for it to show up on Binance.

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yes worked…my BEP20 was deactivaed so i couldnt use it and i always tried it just with BEP2 and here it arise an error.

Thanks :slight_smile:

i send maitc weth token to binance eth erc20 address but not received yet

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i sent Weth from metamask to Binance Ethereum Erc20 address but not received yet send adderss of metamask is:

and receivng address of binance is

plz kindly help me to recover my 0.05 ethereum as soon as possible

You sent wETH from Polygon network to an ERC20 deposit address of Binance for ETH??? Sorry man you probably lost it. You need to contact Binance support to see if they can help you retrieve it, but from Metamask side you cannot do anything.

Never try to send things from one network to another through a normal transactions, you need to use a bridge first to move the Ethereum to the correct network before sending.