Sent Matic from matic Mainnet to binance ETH address

I sent matic from Matic Network to Binance ETH but i still don’t see my funds in my matic wallet . Kindly assist. this is my txhash:0x5785613d8257f66497fb9031d83c8ac77bf83c4665706f79e5484bd0da4e1159

Hi there,

This txn was not a bridge txn, and just a send on polygon from one address to another.

Yes, I didn’t bridged it. I made a mistake transferring the coin from the matic Mainnet instead of bridging it back to ETh network before transferring to binance.

Is there a way to help with this

@allen kindly assist

unfortunately, blockchain txns are not reversible. do you know who owns the recipient address?

Yes I do. The address is for me.

Then simply access that address and send the funds wherever you’d like :slight_smile:

The problem is binance doesn’t have matic Mainnet for Matic coin. They only have erc, bep20 and bep2. So the fund isn’t showing on my binance matic Wallet

Hi, you can add Matic network to Metamask then send after that. Can’t post with link so just Google and you will find easily how to set up.

If the address is an address on Binance, you need to contact them directly for assistance.

Someone can help me? I use xpollinate bridge convert usdt from matic mainnet to binance smart chain mainnet. The blockchain had success but on my metamask receive, untill now still $0