Missing matic - help please

Hi there. new to crypto and know that i will mess up and lose out as i learn.

I managed to turn a tiny bit of eth into matic. i joined matic heaven and linked my MM wallet.
i clicked on deposit 100 matic coins and i had to sign MM wallet.
100 matic coins left wallet along with eth gas fees.

100 matic coins never turned up in matic heaven. just vanished
0xadca80db12c2887d7cdd7f6701dfb8a31857563d is my wallet

etherscan shows coins went to


no idea what i can do. I realise this is something ive clearly done to myself being new with computers too.

thank you for your time

paul (newbie)

I will look into that now, not sure how to do it.

it shows the matic has been sent successfully and to the right place. just not showing up on matic heaven


Are you on the Matic network and not Ethereum Network in Metamask wallet? You can see this at the very top of your wallet (above your account number, at very top) when you’re in it. By default it will say “Main Ethereum Network.” You’d have to switch over to Matic. Figure I’d start here first with asking this :slight_smile:

If you havent done this, I am sure we can find a link for you within Metamask forum on how to add this, it’s fairly easy.

And hey - don’t be so hard on yourself with being new. Hopefully you won’t lose anything in your steps of learning. Being aware and networking will help! We’ve all been there. The MM team saved my life in a total n00b move once…so I get it.

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when i drop down my wallet is says ethereum mainnet
in there i have matic coins and gala coins

i can drop down into a different thing that says polygon mainnet. when i click on it, it shows no matic coins.

so if i go back to ethereum mainnet it shows that i have a couple of coins left and that 100 transfered out.

Hm…I am still learning how to solve these steps myself.

@Luigi any chance you could help here? It will help me learn too!

i think the problem is i didnt know about something called bridging. so when i sent 100 matic coins. it was from etherum network. so it took coins told me it was successful and the coins never arrived where i sent them.

i guess i should have learned to bridge coins and send them from polygon mainnet?

is there anyway to get my 100 coins back as i see the wallet they are sat in.

ah gotcha…this makes sense. I wasn’t familiar with MATIC heaven but it does make sense you need to use a bridge. They’re fairly easy to learn/use but keep in mind sometimes it takes a while for funds to cross (and sometimes it doesn’t). I’m not sure there is a way to collect what is lost, my initial thought would be no but I’m keeping an eye on this thread in case one of the mods can shed absolute light.

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Hey BBKoz,

I found this in the knowledge base if it helps at all -

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just wanted to thank you for all your help

really appreciate it

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Awesome - thank you BBKoz, you’re also helping me learn.

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has anyone else have any ideas on how to retrieve my 100 matic?

I don’t think there is a way without you using the bridge. have you tried the live support chat at all, it’s worth a possible shot if not.

A live chat box window will then automatically appear on your screen where you may contact the support team.

https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us and click Start a Conversation

Screenshot 2022-02-15 082305

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